St Michael’s Prep School Donates Money to Jersey Children’s Charity

March 9, 2018

Jersey Children’s Charity were deeply grateful to the students, staff, and parents of St Michael’s Preparatory School, Jersey for donating a share of the proceeds from their Christmas Sale to Jersey Children’s Charity to purchase equipment for Robin Ward.

Our share of the proceeds amounted to an amazing £7,000!

Thanks to their donation, we are now able to purchase the following equipment for Robin Ward:

  • An ECG (electrocardiogram) machine
  • A Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Manual Blood Pressure Cuffs
  • And Several Tower Fans.


We are a Jersey based charity founded in November 2011. The charity is entirely run by volunteers and overheads are kept to a minimum so that more of your donations will go directly towards meeting our objectives within the community.

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