Issac’s New Wheels

June 3, 2022

Isaac is an extraordinary little boy. 

From the moment he was born 8 years ago, he had to fight for his life. He was transferred by helicopter from his home in Jersey to Southampton Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. Over the years he has had 7 more emergency trips where he has been in a life threatening condition.

Isaac suffered a stroke to the left side of his body at birth and again while he was on a life support machine called The Berlin Heart at Great Ormond Street Hospital. He was very lucky to receive a life saving heart transplant aged just 6 months old. Since then he has had continued complex medical needs with frequent trips to hospital.

Isaac learnt to walk age 3, but unfortunately his mobility has drastically deteriorated in the last 6 months due to problems with his hip and ankle, related to his stroke. He has had major surgery this year and really been through a lot.

Although Isaac is non-verbal, he likes to make himself known! He loves to be out and about, especially the beach and countryside. At the moment his family can’t even get him down their own drive way.

Having a Trekinetic wheelchair would be life changing for Isaac and his family. It would allow them to go on the beach and to go and support his brother playing footie again. 


Thanks to the combined efforts of the It’s A Knockout Team, Friends of JNU, Jersey Children’s Charity, and the Progressive School of Music, Issac was able to get his new wheels.